I created Motherland Chocolates out of equal parts nostalgia and necessity.  In 2016, my life exploded.  I spent 15 years building a world, and it crumbled.  After some much needed wallowing, I picked myself up and went back to work.  Initially, I fell back on my pastry training, and while the work and environment were both wonderful, I was not satisfied.  At a time where I felt like my grief was drowning me, I needed to build a life that wasn’t just about survival, but centered around what I needed most.  JOY.

When I was in culinary school, I often found myself exploring ways to incorporate the flavors of my Indian-American childhood into traditional French dishes.  While working at the Rittenhouse Hotel in Philadelphia, I found working with chocolate to be some of the most interesting and satisfying work of my career.

Chocolate work is both science and art.  We consume it with all of our senses.  Its melting point is our body temperature, which gives us time to explore various flavors while it melts away.  This makes chocolate the ideal medium to share the complex textures and spices from my family’s kitchen.  Curry leaves, black pepper, coriander, and many others pair with these chocolates.

Each flavor of Motherland Chocolate comes from a moment in my childhood.  Each bite contains a memory and story.

I hope these chocolates bring you as much joy as they bring me.